Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Coming Soon to a School Near You ...

It's 2017 and time to set goals and declare resolutions. To be very honest, I am not the most focused person. In fact, my husband calls me "squirrel!" as I'll be in the middle of doing something, see something that distracts me, and I go off pursuing it like a dog chasing a squirrel before my original task is complete. Not a good trait to have when you need focus, but despite my tendency to get off track I still like to set goals and work towards them. And this year my goal in 2017 (besides finishing the third installment to my Kibblestan series) is to do some Author Visits at schools! I have already done a few and am having a total blast with the kids and hopefully they are having a blast with me! I have updated my website with the presentations I offer, so please check out the Author Visits tab on my website and give me a shout. If you live locally, I can come visit. If you don't, we can Skype! And have a very Happy 2017!

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