Friday, September 2, 2016

And the Reviews are In!

I haven't blogged in awhile, as I have been busy doing things to prepare for the release of my second book, The Chronicles of Kibblestan: Canines. My cover artist (the extremely talented Tim Jessell) sent me the first sketches of another intriguing cover and I am beyond excited. As an author, there's something about seeing your cover for the first time that makes you realize that this writing thing is for real, and that all those words you spent a year or more painstakingly crafting to make the magic of story come to life is about to become a reality. It's pretty cool.

Another thing I've been doing is updating my website.  I've posted the reviews I've received from my trusted beta readers who are telling me what they think about Canines. I even have one young fan who is making Kibblestan trading cards. Is there ever a bigger compliment than that? :)

If you go here on my website, you'll see the preliminary jacket flap copy of Canines (that's industry-speak for the summary on the back of a book that's meant to intrigue you just enough to buy it -- a challenge for authors, as you have to find that sweet spot of giving enough information to hook the potential buyer, without giving away too much information. Not sure that I've mastered the art of jacket flap copy, but I give it my best shot).

I also, sadly, had to update my About Me page, for I suffered the loss of a beloved pet since writing my original bio, but gained two new pets that I think are adorable, despite what many people say.

But that can be the subject of another blog post.

I'll leave you with a picture of my constant companion in my office. She is the inspiration for my character Philecia's personality, and someone who insists on cuddling up with me as I type out my stories while annoying me with her incessant licking, which I believe is due to her high anxiety.

Enjoy your Labor Day!