Friday, February 12, 2016

Our Politicians are Only Human - Here's Proof

We’re not electing a god, but sometimes it’s easy to act like we are. Especially in the year of a presidential election. Who can forget the infamous Howard Dean scream or the Rick Perry “oops?” Now it’s Marco Rubio who repeated himself one too many times in a debate and people are speculating whether his campaign is doomed.

I think that in all the hoopla (and yes, I’m the first to admit that sometimes blunders are entertaining), we need to remind ourselves that all these people we see trying to earn our vote are just that – people. They have their strengths, they have their weaknesses and we can’t expect them to be perfect 24/7.

I try to keep this blog from a mom’s perspective, and leave nuggets on here that can serve as conversation starters with your kids. My book, The Chronicles of Kibblestan: Revolution mentions three things the citizens of a country must do to remain free. One is to value freedom. Teach your kids that if you value freedom, you’re going to take your job as voter seriously, and educate yourself on who you’re voting for. What are their beliefs? What’s their background? What’s their vision for this country and do they have the skills to make that vision become a reality?

And remind them that the politicians are only human. They make mistakes. They can get corrupted by power.  They cannot solve all your problems – that comes from you.

Here are some great examples of other ways that politicians are only human:

 Politicians sleep,

They eat pancakes,

They even throw up on Japanese Prime Ministers (I couldn't find a video of that, but you get my point).

So go ahead and give our candidates a break. And enjoy the rest of this election season.