Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Music to an Author's Ears

I've been a little busy lately. Learning the whole author gig, while fun, can be a bit overwhelming. For awhile, I was doing really well. I had my nose to the grindstone every day, revising the last five chapters of my upcoming book, The Chronicles of Kibblestan: Canines. I attended my first book festival, and I attended my second school visit. Things were chugging along . . .

Until . . .

(insert dramatic music)

I decided to do my own taxes.

Couldn't be too hard, could it? Doesn't Turbo Tax walk you through all the questions? Well, yes. But as a new author with a new publishing company, there was definitely a learning curve to navigate.

And that took time. Away from writing, away from blogging, away from social media.

Now that the taxes are filed, I can get back to the business of writing, and what better motivation than to share with you a message I received from a friend . . . A message that is music to any author's ears.

My friend bought one of my books a little while ago to give to her friend's eleven-year-old daughter. I received a message the other day that said:

"Just wanted to let you know that I was finally able to give my little friend Danielle your book on Thursday evening. (I know that took a while) And the reviews are in....she is enthralled! Her mom told me she isn't usually a reader but cannot put the book down. She is really excited to know there will be more to come. Congratulations!!!!

Music to an author's ears? That's an understatement!